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Folksy Seller Interview 'Cards witha Difference'

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Folksy Shop: Cards with a Difference

How Long have you been on Folksy? I have been on here since August 2010
Describe what you create:
I create handmade greetings cards for all occasions and also make custom orders too to whatever is desired by the customer.
How did you get into your craft?
I wanted a hobby and started doing some cross stitching and then progressed to making cards (probably about 16 years ago) but there wasn't any interest in them at that time. I carried on creating cards for family and friends over the years but last year decided to take the plunge and sell at craft fairs and also on Folksy. Since then I have gone from strength to strength, selling to work colleagues, friends, family and have done 7 craft fairs since last April and also have some more booked for this year.

What inspires you?
The world around me basically.
Which item for sale in your Folksy shop is your favourite?
 I think the cards with the butterflies on have to be my favourite because I absolutely love butterflies.
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What makes you unique?I think what makes me unique is that I think about the design I make and have an eye for colour and like to co-ordinate the cards with ribbons and gemstones and anything else that I think adds dimension to the card. I like to turn a simple picture into a work of art and with it add a little bit of my love and into the mix and hope that this shows with all my little creations.

If you won the Lottery how would you spend your millions?
I gave up doing the lottery for myself years ago as I did it for seven years on the run and only ever won £10. I have checked my numbers religiously every week since then and my combination has never come up yet! I am in a bonus ball syndicate at work and have won that once in two years. I guess I am not very lucky. If I happened to start doing the lottery again and won millions, I would give some to my family and then treat me and my husband to a lovely holiday (perhaps a cruise around the Caribbean) and buy a new kitchen because the one we have is seriously dilapidated and in need of a face lift of some sorts.

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