Friday, 16 April 2010

Had a great week

Having a great week so far, been really busy again, won 1st place & got a trophy for my acrylic nails on wednesday at wotld skills uk regional heat (i'm a nail technician as well as a jewellery maker)
I've been sat out in the sun teaching me neice how to make jewellery.
I managed to find the time to make some more gemstone jewellery and to make some summery anklets to sell.
and i've got an ann summers party to look forward to tomorrow!
Good days!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Filled My Shop

I have been working on making lots of new designs for summer using a wide range of different beads and designs, and i've had such fun making it all!

I've now filled up my folksy shop with 50 unique items to choose from!

The new range includes jewellery made from chalk turquoise (pictured),
glass hearts earrings, bag charms, bookmarks, 
pretty blue earrings, some red & purple earrings and a red & purple bag charm, a cute little turtle bookmark , funky phone charms and lots lots more summery Jewellery & accessories!