Friday, 18 February 2011

Folksy Friday 'Spring'

My Folksy Friday theme this week is Spring
I've chosen this as it's the time of year when all the wintery stuff starts to get forgotten and lovely bright spring colours start to appear in the shops and in our gardens, we've got our first daffodil of the year growing outside our front door!
Heres some of the wonderful and very affordable creations available on which caught my eye and made me think of spring, hope you like them as much as i do!
(If you would like to purchase or view any of the featured folksy sellers items simply click on the photo you like to be taken to their shop)

Large image
A Spring Charm Bracelet from me, only £5

Large image
A Daffodil ACEO for only £3
Large image
Some Very Funky Wall Decorations from 100Percentdelicate
Large image
An Eyecatching Tote Bag from SimJaTa
Large image
A Fused Glass Pendant from Blue Daisy Glass
Large image
A Crocus Pendant from Lynwood Crafts
Large image
Magnolias Card only £2.20 from Little Paper Gallery
Large image
How Cool is this Sheep Bangle?! and only £15

Large image
A Cool Card from Aunty Joan for just £2.50

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Experimenting with Silver Clay

I've been having fun this week trying out Silver Clay, its always interested me and i was thrilled when i finally got a starter kit to play with!
I find it really fascinating, if you are not familiar with Art Clay Silver it comes as a small piece of whitish colour clay which you mould into your desired shape, i got the slow dry clay so i had plenty of time to work with it, then you have to dry it either with a hairdryer for 45 mins or let it air dry for at least 2 days.

My First Attempts with moulding Art Clay Silver into pendants

Once the clay is completely dry you need to fire it, either in a kiln, with a blowtorch or on a gas hob
I don't own a kiln or a blowtorch so I fired mine on the gas cooker using the wire mesh that came in the kit
I've learnt not to make my creations too thin though as i accidently snapped one in half after firing because it was too fragile! oops
I'm going to Polish them up when i get chance next week and will post pics of the finished results on here.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Folksy Friday 'Reptiles'

This weeks Folksy Friday is Inspired by my Wonderful Reptile Pets
Roxy, one of my female Geckos
 I have 4 Leopard Geckos, 2 males and 2 females
I started out wanting just 1 Gecko a few years ago but the two of them were curled up sleeping together in the pet shop and i couldn't bear to separate them so I ended up bringing home both of them, they were supposed to be a boy and a girl, but after about 6 months of having them they started to fight, turned out they were both boys! You can't keep two males together in the same tank as they get very Territorial, must be a man thing lol!
So after we bought another tank i thought they looked quite lonely having big tanks all to themselves, as a xmas present in 2009 my Fiance got me two baby girl geckos, hopefully when they grow to full size (they're both still tiny compared to the boys) i can pair them up with my boys so they won't be lonely.

I've picked my favourite reptile handcrafted products on Folksy to share with you, hopefully you'll like them as much as i do

Large image
Gecko Phone Charm from my shop

Large image
A Cool Gecko Bag from Minxtures

Large image
Gecko Vinyl from ODE by Jolyon Yates

Large image
Curled Lizard Brooch from Hollowbourne

Large image
A cute gecko bracelet from my shop

Friday, 4 February 2011

Folksy Friday 'Neon'

This weeks Folksy Friday theme is Neon
I've picked this theme as I'm excited about going Plymouth clubbing tomorrow night and it's going to be the first time in ages that i can wear my Neon UV Clubwear, I've been on a diet since the end of last summer and can finally fit back into my favourite cyberdog rave trousers, haven't worn them for a couple years, maybe even a few years as they are quite small and i've had to drop 2 dress sizes to get back in them! 
roll on tomorrow when i can go out in my small clubbing trousers!!
Here's my pick of Hand Crafted Neon from the lovely sellers on Folksy
Hope you like them x

Large image
This Neon Pink Bunting would look cool hanging on my walls, good to get you in the mood for going out

Large image
This Neon green Soap from S&G is perfect for showering with before you go out 

Large image
A Neon Yellow Bracelet & Earrings Set from my shop

Large image
This Great Little Make-Up bag from BooBooCraft would be perfect to take your make-up out raving!

Large image
How about some Neon Toggle Buttons to accessorise your outfit from Fluorobling

Large image
These very funky Dreads from TheDreadedOnes would be the perfect hair accessory to finish off any cyber outfit!

Large image
These Cool Little Bears with their Fluorescent paws will be perfect to cuddle after a long night dancing!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I'm very pleased to say there is a feature video about Lisa-Marie Jewellery on youtube!
It has been created by a very talented young girl who creates beauty and fashion videos, she contacted me asking if she could review my jewellery and after sending her some samples she has made this great video about my company
Another video should be uploaded soon on how to wear Jewellery with different outfits.
Thank you Rebecca and i wish you the best of luck with your youtube channel