Friday, 28 January 2011

Folksy Friday 'Payday Treats'

As it's the last Friday of the month and payday for some I've picked a selection of Handmade Creations on Folksy which i may treat myself to if i have any money left after I've paid all my bills, of course there is something to suit all budgets and tastes on folksy so no matter what I've got left over I'm sure i can get myself a treat 
Go on Treat Yourself to Something Lovingly Handmade!

Large image
Just in case i have no spare money left over i might make myself a new Bookmark like this one which is available from my folksy shop for just £3.50

Large image
You can never have too many cushions to brighten up your sofa (no matter what my fiance tells me!)
These custom made cushions from Audrey's Cat are available in Vintage/Retro fabrics from £20

Large image
This fabric wallet is a nice way to carry your Business or Credit cards around
Just £8.50 from Baggie Aggie 
 Lots of other designs in her shop

Large image
How About a Summer Flower Bangle from Leopard Print Bee for only £15

Large image
SoakSensations makes the most amazing smelling Bath Bombs, I've treated myself to these a few times and they're always lovely to pop in the bath and unwind, A very Affordable treat too at only £2.25 for a pack of 8! 

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday Supplies

I have been into crafting since i was quite young (i know 22 is still young but I've been making things since i was tiny) and over the years I've collected far more supplies than I'm ever going to use, so I've set up a supply shop on folksy to clear out things I'm probably never going to get round to using, all at very low prices as i need the space for my jewellery at home, its in most rooms of the house at the moment, ever the hallway lol!
Check out Gecko Supplies if you want to stock up, I'm adding things regularly as i tidy up and clear out my stash so keep checking back for new items.
Shell Pendants
Shell Pendants from 50p
Large image
Pots of beads for 50p each
Postage no more than £1 no matter how much you order x

Friday, 21 January 2011

Folksy Friday 'Colourful'

So here it goes, this is my first attempt at doing a folksy friday blog, hopefully it goes well!
My first theme is Colourful, I've chosen this as the weather here in Cornwall has been so miserable and dull lately that i've been putting on my brightest colourful Jewellery to brighten up my mood.
After browsing through the wonders of creations on  I picked out these multi-coloured hand crafted items would be nice to brighten up someones day

Shell Stars Charm Bracelet

A Bright and cheerful charm bracelet from my own shop, i always find colourful jingly jewellery makes me think of summer

Large image
Juggling Beanies
How about practicing with these funky Juggling Beanies from cheerymishmash, they're sure to put a smile on your face!

Large image
Sophisticated Cats Black Canvas Messenger Bag
and what a cool and colourful way to carry all your stuff around! SimJaTa has lots more amazingly funky bags in her shop


Large image
ACEO - Flowers, pink, blue
This original, mixed media painting from Art by Beata is sure to brighten your day

Large image
Orange Jewel Mittens
Who wouldn't want a pair of these mittens from NOfkantsCurios to get you noticed

Large image
This Colourful Mini Notebook from Dab and a Dash would be great for popping in your handbag!

Large image
Rainbow Cufflinks
These multi-coloured cufflinks from Urban Eye really caught my eye!

Snowy Owl Bag from Snowdon
This gorgeous green owl bag would be perfect for taking shopping with you, i'm tempted to order a bag to carry my swimming gear to the pool

Hopefully you've enjoyed  my colourful picks which are just a very small selection of the wonderfully handcrafted creations available on folksyand i'll be posting again next week with a different theme!
Watch this space!
Lisa-Marie x

Monday, 17 January 2011

Addicted to Reading

I've really got into reading this winter, i do usually read but not even half as much as i have been lately, I really look forward to curling up on the sofa with a good book or putting on my pyjamas and reading in bed.
Last Summer I was really into girlie books, I read 'I Heart New York' by Lindsey Kelk and really enjoyed following Angelas adventures so ended up buying the other 2 books 'I Heart Hollywood' and 'I Heart Paris' which were both just as good as the first book, very hard to put down.

Now I've got really addicted to the Twilight Saga Books
(Thank you to my lovely Fiance Justin for buying me the four books for xmas, Love You)
I've only got about 2 chapters left of Eclipse then I'm going to move onto Breaking Dawn, thats after i watch Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse on DVD again, lol told you i was addicted!
 I never thought I'd be into Twilight as i don't normally go with crowd and usually what i'm into isn't your average popular stuff, from my books and music to my clothes and even my pets i usually go for different and unusual, but i have to admit i see what everyone else likes, Twilight is amazing and i really don't want the story to end, if Stephanie Meyer wrote 100 books on the subject I'd be more than happy to read all of them more than once!

I've been the same with the films, If you know me then you know that i only ever watch a film once, i don't see the point in watching something again when you all ready know what happens, but for some reason I'm happy to watch the saga over and over again!

I don't know what i'm going to do when I've read all the books again, any suggestions are welcome, what else do you think I would enjoy reading?
What are you reading at the moment that you find hard to put down?
If someone helps me find a new reading addiction i might even send you a bookmark as a thank you
I'll Look forward to finding out what books you're all into

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Love and Hearts

 With Valentines Day being less than a month away I've started thinking about what to get my fiance and i'd imagine alot of other people are too, so this weeks post is for any men that may be reading this blog post, there are loads of beautiful handmade crafts available on

Heres a small selection of Valentines/Hearts/Love theme Jewellery and Accessories from my shop

Haematite Hearts Gift Boxed Set

Swarovski Stering Silver Earrings

Heart Earrings

Hearts Bookmark

If Jewellery and Accessories are not quite what you're looking for theres plenty of other handcrafted items on from cards and candles to brooches and handbags!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

American Candy

I got a little bored over my New Years break from work and whilst browsing the internet i came across a great uk website supplying american candy and groceries, ( I know i probably shouldn't let myself browse for random things online as i ended up ordering a big box full of goodies!
I got some Lucky Charms Cereal (i used to love these as a kid and they still taste as great as i remember them!), Coconut M&Ms (why don't we get them over here? they are really nice), Laffy Taffy (really nice chewy candy, just don't eat the blue raspberry before going out, it turned my whole mouth blue for about 2 hours!) and pixie sticks sherbet.
With sweets on the table whilst making Jewellery i ended up making a gift set inspired by my new food, A Set of two Bookmarks and two phone charms with funky Lollipop charms in Pink and Blue, i've listed it for sale in my folksy shop, hopefully someone else who likes candy as much as me will give it a new home, although i think maybe i should stick to candy charms as all these calories i've been consuming can't be doing my diet any good :-)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

A New Year, A New Design for my Website
There were a few flaws with my previous design so i thought i'd start the new year off with a new look, I've added a page to keep you updated with my special offers and a guestbook for customers to leave comments, hopefully the design is easier to navigate than the last one!
I'll welcome any feedback good or bad :)