Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Folksy Sellers Wanted!

If you're reading this you've probably read some of my Folksy Seller Interviews which i started back in March, i've really enjoyed finding out about some of the wonderful people that sell their handcrafted items on and hope you have enjoyed reading about them too.
I'm looking for more fantastic Folksy Folk who would like to be interviewed so i can keep the weekly feature going and find even more favourite handmade shops to buy from, if you have a shop on Folksy and are interested E-Mail me at with your answers to the following questions and if there are any other questions you think i should be asking feel free to add them, you can answer all of the questions or miss some out, i don't mind if you miss any.


Folksy Shop:

How Long have you been on Folksy?

Describe what you create:

How did you get into your craft?

What inspires you?

Which item for sale in your Folksy shop is your favourite? (please put a link to the item)

What makes you unique?

If you won the Lottery how would you spend your millions?
Do you have a favourite shop which you buy from on Folksy?