Monday, 25 April 2011

Folksy Seller Interview 'Leopard Print Bee'

Wow I can't believe this is the seventh installment in my weekly series all ready!

Name: Kat Graham
Folksy Shop: Leopard Print Bee

How Long have you been on Folksy?
Well I started shopping in June 2010 but I opened my shop in August.

Describe what you create:
I try my best to create eclectic and chic jewellery that captures beauty in moments or items that normally go unnoticed. Resin allows me to do easily, as I can embedded items to create scenes (a couple in love, dancing) and or just show off the item itself (flowers). but I also like working with circuit boards, as I think they have a beauty all unto themselves!

Also, I've just started branching out with freshwater pearls because I am fascinated with their endless shapes and unlimited colours! (Although I realise most of these aren't natural)

How did you get into your craft?
I started making jewellery for myself and after it had been commented on a few times I thought "Bugger it!" and opened up this shop! Although I'm not really that artistic I am quite crafty and I really enjoy throwing myself in to projects and (hopefully) loving the end result.

What inspires you?
Everything! Literally everything. I see a pigeon and my mind is on overdrive about whether or not I can put tiny pigeons in resin! (I can't. They look like pebbles.)

Which item for sale in your Folksy shop is your favourite?
Ooh that's hard! I think my sheep bangle. If I had thinner wrists I doubt it'd be for sale!

Large image

What makes you unique?
I think my enthusiasm for life. I get so over excited about *everything* and it spurs me on to experiment and loose myself in my jewellery.
If you won the Lottery how would you spend your millions?
I would buy our home from my parents (who our kindly letting us squat in our wee flat!) and convince my partner we need to get married and then I can have "shabby chic English country garden party" wedding of my dreams! :]

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