Monday, 9 May 2011

Folksy Seller Interview 'Lemur Lady'

This is the eighth installment in my weekly series! I hope you have found some new favourite sellers and enjoyed reading about the people behind the folksy shops, i know i have!

Folksy Shop: 'Lemur Lady's Awesome Emporium"

How Long have you been on Folksy?
Only about a month - I'm a newbie
Describe what you create:
I make bags and cushions (predominantly) out of quirky and unusual fabrics - especially gothic, cutesy, or kawaii prints. I try to make things that I know I would like - and my taste is eclectic!
How did you get into your craft?
I used to be very artsy and crafty as a child, but had got out of the habit until about a year ago, when someone bought me a book on crocheting amigurumi characters. The crochet led on to sewing, and once I discovered a world of fabulous and unusual fabrics out there I was hooked. After a while it became clear that my house was full of cushions and there was only so many bags I needed, so I decided to avoid going broke from my fabric addiction by making stuff to sell!
What inspires you?
Patterns! I browse the internet every day and if something unusual catches my eye I buy it. I may not know what I'm going to make, and it might sit in my stash for ages, but one day it will become something lovely. If it makes me smile, it inspires me.
Which item for sale in your Folksy shop is your favourite?
I have a soft spot for my 'Oh Deer' Cushion .
Partly because of the pun.

Large image

What makes you unique?
I'm very eclectic (that word again), with what I make. For instance, at the moment, I have cartoon cats, a floral bird print, and gothic skulls all sharing virtual shelf space. I also take commissions.

If you won the Lottery how would you spend your millions?
I'd give up work and become a crazy sewing lady with my own big studio! And buy my other half a massive shed so that he could follow his dream of being a Wallace & Gromit-type inventor. And the rest I would spend on shoes, probably. Oh, and charities helping monkeys. I like monkeys.

If you would like to see more of Lemur Lady's lovely creations visit

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