Monday, 18 April 2011

Folksy Seller Interview 'Abbigale'

Heres the sixth Installment in my Weekly Feature *Folksy Seller Interviews* Get to know your favourite Folksy sellers and find new favourites!

Name: Abbigale Newell
Folksy Shop: Abbigale... all things and everything else...

How Long have you been on Folksy?
I think it must be coming up for a year.
Describe what you create:
It varies on a whim but tends to lean towards pretty things to decorate weddings or your home. Such as hanging mobiles, wedding favours and keepsakes.

How did you get into your craft?
I've always been crafty (!) but when I found Folksy it gave me a way of selling what I make rather than cluttering up my home with it all!
What inspires you?
Colour. I'm a very visually inspired person.
Which item for sale in your Folksy shop is your favourite?
I've made a really pretty mobile of paper flowers and wooden beads. I almost don't want to sell it!
Large image
What makes you unique?
Goodness that's hard! I don't think I'm unique really...just passionate.
If you won the Lottery how would you spend your millions?
I've always said that I would set up a good quality school bus company that did ALL the routes necessary. A bit like the yellow school buses in America. When I lived there I was on a cattle ranch at the base of the Idaho mountains and still the bus came to get me every day....

If you would like to see more of Abbigale's wonderful creations visit her at

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