Sunday, 9 January 2011

American Candy

I got a little bored over my New Years break from work and whilst browsing the internet i came across a great uk website supplying american candy and groceries, ( I know i probably shouldn't let myself browse for random things online as i ended up ordering a big box full of goodies!
I got some Lucky Charms Cereal (i used to love these as a kid and they still taste as great as i remember them!), Coconut M&Ms (why don't we get them over here? they are really nice), Laffy Taffy (really nice chewy candy, just don't eat the blue raspberry before going out, it turned my whole mouth blue for about 2 hours!) and pixie sticks sherbet.
With sweets on the table whilst making Jewellery i ended up making a gift set inspired by my new food, A Set of two Bookmarks and two phone charms with funky Lollipop charms in Pink and Blue, i've listed it for sale in my folksy shop, hopefully someone else who likes candy as much as me will give it a new home, although i think maybe i should stick to candy charms as all these calories i've been consuming can't be doing my diet any good :-)

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