Saturday, 20 November 2010

Bit behind the rest of the world :)

Sad to admit i know but i'm a bit behind the rest of the world :)
I finally got round to watching twilight a couple weeks ago while i sat down for an evening making jewellery, although i have to say i didn't get much jewellery made, i absolutely loved the film and recorded new moon on sky+ which i watched the other night, yet again not getting much work done that evening either lol! I was completely glued to the screen, why didn't i get around to watching it before?
Its inspired me to come up with a vamp range, hopefully in time for the dvd release of eclipse next month (which i cannot wait for!!) so watch this space for vampire inspired jewellery!
I suppose 1 good thing about me being way behind the trends is i got to watch the first 2 films in the saga within a week of each other and now i've only got to wait about 3 weeks for the next instalment :)

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