Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Very Excited

just booked my first proper Craft Fair for Saturday 31st July at Liskeard! only a couple weeks away, very exciting, going to busy over the next two weeks making lots of new creations, got loads of ideas - childrens jewellery, gift sets, more beach themed designs... so many ideas racing around my head! i want to make as much as possible so my table looks very interesting and there is plenty to choose from, kinda something for everyone, if i can manage to make it all :)
All comments and advice welcome - what would you buy most (jewellery/accessories) at a local craft fair? what do you like to see? any hints as its my first craft fair?
I'm trying to be organised, just ordered some funky carrier bags as i know its annoying when you buy something and have to carry it in your hand for the afternoon if it wont fit in your handbag (anything like mine, i can only fit my phone, purse and car keys lol)


  1. No.1 Don't panic.
    No.2 Take plenty of change in your cash box.
    No.3 Have a good mixture of prices. One high priced sale can really make the difference to your morale if it's not as busy as you would like.
    No.4 Just enjoy yourself. It's a great chance to meet other makers and to hear about other fairs in the future.
    No.5 Have plenty of business cards with contact details. People love to collect them and often those who don't buy on the day will follow up later.

  2. thank you for your great tips! i'm excited but panicking lol! but i've got 2 weeks to make lots more creations and plan everything else.
    thanks for your advice x