Thursday, 17 February 2011

Experimenting with Silver Clay

I've been having fun this week trying out Silver Clay, its always interested me and i was thrilled when i finally got a starter kit to play with!
I find it really fascinating, if you are not familiar with Art Clay Silver it comes as a small piece of whitish colour clay which you mould into your desired shape, i got the slow dry clay so i had plenty of time to work with it, then you have to dry it either with a hairdryer for 45 mins or let it air dry for at least 2 days.

My First Attempts with moulding Art Clay Silver into pendants

Once the clay is completely dry you need to fire it, either in a kiln, with a blowtorch or on a gas hob
I don't own a kiln or a blowtorch so I fired mine on the gas cooker using the wire mesh that came in the kit
I've learnt not to make my creations too thin though as i accidently snapped one in half after firing because it was too fragile! oops
I'm going to Polish them up when i get chance next week and will post pics of the finished results on here.

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